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 496-1 & 496-2 & 498 XCD SERVICE & PARTS

This set includes the 490 manual set and a 496 Mech & Amp Adjustment section, along with a 498 CD Parts section, as Rockola never printed a completely separate set for the 496 or 498. There are NO details on repairing the CD itself.
This is the manual for the 496. They made 2 versions, hence the -1 and -2, which may or may not have shown up on the model plate on the back of the jukebox.
Rockola, like most jukebox manufacturers, intended for their own tech people to do the repairs. So instead of publishing whole manuals they would put out small publications on just the pieces that had changed. A tech in the field would have all the previous publications. Most of the information for the 496 comes from the previous 490 model with a supplement for the 496.
When it came time to build the 498 which was a compact disc player they used all the same pieces as the 496, just changing out the record player for a cd player.