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Seeburg Red Box & MCU SystemsSeeburg Red Box & MCU Systems

Seeburg Red Box & MCU Systems
Used in the 100-77D, 100-78D, 100-79D, SMC-1, SMC-2, SMC-3. Operation and Troubleshooting Guide by Anthony J. Miller. 210 Pages • 131 Illustrations • Adjustments, Design Histories • Troubleshooting Tips, Complete Schematics for Red Box & Control Center, Semiconductor Cross-Reference covering all transistors, diodes, SCR’s & chips used. Component locator for all PC Boards, Timing Diagrams. Remote Translator & how to connect a DEC Consolette with the translator
  • 210 Pages - 131 Illustrations
  • Design Histories
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Adjustments
  • Complete Schematics for Red Box & Control Center
  • Semiconductor Cross Reference
  • Component Locator for All PC Boards
  • Timing Diagrams
  • How To Connect DEC Consolette With Remote Translator
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