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Restoring The Seeburg CRestoring The Seeburg C

Restoring the Seeburg C.
We have only a very few of these books that were found in storage box after our move to California.
This book also applies to all 100 Selection Seeburgs. A guide to restoration of the total jukebox, not meant as a substitute for the Service Manuals.
Chapters include:

Part 1 The Cabinet Work

1. Getting Started

2. Beginning the Restoration

3. Initial Cleaning & Assessing the Damages

4. Applying the Veneer

5. Making a Veneer Splice

6. Final Cabinet Details

Part 2 Rebuilding the Mech & Receiver

7. Checking out the Mechanism

8. Repairing and Rebuilding the Receiver

9. Cleaning the Step Switch Assembly

10. Cleaning & Repairing the

Selector Assembly

11. Cleaning the Mechanism

12. Testing the Mechanism

13. Putting it All Together

Part 3 Miscellaneous

14. Soldering

15. Contact Cleaning

16. Free Play Conversion

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