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AMi/Rowe Reference BookAMi/Rowe Reference Book

Doctor Know-It-All's AMI Reference Book

EVERYTHING the Doctor has written about AMI's from 1988 until 2003.
1937 -1980. Prewar models & A, B, C, D40/80, E/F/G/40/80/120, G200,H/I/J/K100/120/200(A&M), Lyric 1/2, Continental 1/2, JAL/JEL, JBM, JAN, JAO, MM1-6 & 1973-1980 Models.
Chapters on: Cabinets, Cartridges and Tone Arms, Electrical, Mechanisms, Miscellaneous, Selectors and Coin Systems, Sound Systems, Speakers, Tech Hints, Tormats, Wallboxes and Steppers, & Feature Articles. 172 pages.
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