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AMi Brochures on CDROMAMi Brochures on CDROM

A complete collection of original 1930’s to 70's AMI Advertising Brochures on CD ROM. This is a spectacular color display of 30's-70's AMI/ROWE Jukeboxes: 45 brochures in brilliant, original color.

Perfect for getting an exact color match for restoration, and also a woderful visual history of AMI's. These brochures include the wallboxes & speakers for each Jukebox. They also include the advertising copy & the specifications of the Jukeboxes, along with some period piece models & settings.

BONUS: Feature articles.

Mint original copies of these brochures would cost over $1,000 (if they could be found).

AMI Jukeboxes presented: A, B, C, CD Bubbler, CD100, CMM1, Continental 1, Continental 2, CTI-1, CTI-2, D40/80, E40/80/120, F, G40/80/120/200, H, I, J, JAL-JEL, JAN-JAO, JBM, K, Lyric, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, R-74, R-80, R-81, R-82, R-83, R-84, R-91, R-92, RI-1, RI-2, RI-5, TI-1, TI-2. A special G-120 poster is included measuring 18"X24"

Each Color Brochure is in a separate PDF file which can be read using the enclosed Adobe Acrobat reader or printed in high resolution to make a grand display to hang by your own Jukebox. An Index is provided for all models listed in each brochure.
The entire contents of the CDROM's are Copyright Material. Buying the CD constitutes an agreement you will use the contents for personal use only. Duplication is prohibited. Displaying the contents on the internet is also prohibited, even without monetary benefits.
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